Who Was Jack?

Three Finger Jack was a notorious desperado who roamed the Sierras and the land east of Sacramento in the closing days of the Old West. Nobody knows where he came from, how he lost two fingers, or where he died. But his legend still lives on today in Lodi, California.

Where Jack Roamed

Lodi sits at the foothills of California Gold Country, 75 miles east of San Francisco. Its hot days are cooled by breezes from a vast river delta, and it’s home to sandy soils that force vines to dig deep into the ground. Pioneers knew that Lodi made superb wine country; so they planted vines here more than a century ago.

Outlaw By Nature

The gold in California’s hills may be mostly gone, but Three Finger Jack’s immensely structured Lodi wines carry the legend of Jack’s relentless quest for treasure. Jack sought riches he could carry with him, but for us, the riches are Lodi’s incredible old vines and the unique soils underfoot. Lodi is different and so are its wines. That’s exactly why we’re here.

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